Ink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho

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Me thinks you should steer your land vessel in through the Arrow Highway port and head straight at the stop sign into parking port #1. Ye need to park at the northwest end of the lot and begin the adventure at light pole #8.


Pirate- By: MrOspital

Sail northwest on a dirt path past where 5 trails converge. Sight the mountains (north) and take that trail & heading. Man the lookout for the first patch of cactus on the right. Seek the scurvy dog under the southern most cactus, due west of a large tree on the starboard side.


Spyglass- By: Outdoor Adventurer

Continue the hunt north till you get to a large berm of black on the starboard side. By and large the lost spyglass be found in boulders at the south end.


Viking Ship- By: S and D

Sail on past the nature center and nature trail on the starboard side. With swagger, count 57 steps to a gravel road on the starboard side. If ye count 22 steps to a boulder on the starboard side ye be in the proper place. Set your weather eyes in the brush under smaller rocks.


Talk Like a Pirate- By: S and D

Stay on course by heading back to the main trail you were on.  Ye keep to the wide paved trail until it narrows, then head down the gravel road to the starboard side. From the metal mast with supports heading to the port and starboard at the top, count 23 metal masts. If ye look carefully, there be a suspicious looking rock between #23 & #24.


Treasure Chest- By: MrOspital

Treasure be on the horizon me hearties! March on continuing your previous course on the paved trail as it heads uphill. Reaching the top, sight a social trail on the port side. Me chest be hidden behind the hazardous barbs of the pair of yucca.


X Marks the Spot- By: MrOspital

Arrr! Wounded by Spanish bayonets we retreat the way we came. Rest ye weary bones past the dirt road on the right, where a white “X” be found. With ye boots on the “X” sight 200 degrees to the spot.


Ball & Chain- By: S and D

In due course the voyage be almost over. When the journey becomes dirt again march 20 steps more. Then starboard to cactus and letterrock and ink up me hearties yo ho!

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